NOVARION Platinstore EX-Serie | Enterprise Storage


Cascade Cache Technology

Multilevel Cache Technology: CISC Cache, RISC Cache and SSD Cache provide unsurpassed performance. The cache synchronization via Infiniband technology between nodes guarantees minimum latency and high bandwidth.

Advanced Comprehensive Tiering

Up to five tiering classes ensure optimum matching of the requirements for the performance of PlatinStor EX.

Unified Storage

Aplatform for all storage-related applications, presentation of volumes over iSCSI and FC and full NAS functionality via CIFS, SMB,NFS with nativeADintegration.

Native Active/Active

All grid nodes located in the storage can be active and written to simultaneously for one and the same virtual volume and ensure maximum availability, even in the event of failure of one side for SAN and NAS services.

Multi-Tier Investment Protection

Existing hardware, even from different manufacturers can continue to be used. PlatinStor EX platforms can also be used in PlatinStor EX next generation systems. A modular design allows a simple expansion at any given time.

Integrated Capacity Optimization

By Native Thin Provisioning, integrated data flow analysis and optimization, almost 100% of physical memory is available for user data.

Enterprise Security and Reliability

Unique features such as: Continuous Data Protection, Advanced Snapshot, Enterprise Storage Virtualization, WSAN, Asynchronous Mirroring, Advanced Site Recovery, MPIO and special service levels make PlatinStor EX one of the safest and most reliable storage systems in the world.

True Synchronous Mirroring

Each block that is confirmed by PlatinStor EX, is guaranteed to exist on both nodes, data loss due to failure of one side is thus avoided optimally.

Convergent Connectivity

All popular media and protocols are supported. iSCSI over GB, 10GB copper and optical (RJ-45/SFP+), FC 4GB and 8GB.

Easy Maintenance

The PlatinStor EX Management Console provides centralized control of the entire SAN grid, email notification as well as IPMI enable continuous monitoring, analysis and reporting tools ensure more efficient operation of PlatinStor EX. In addition to the graphical user interface, there is a command line available.



NOVARION Platinstore EX-2 | Enterprise Storage

One-Box Enterprise HA SAN

The PlatinStor EX-2 allows for a cost-effective enterprise SAN environment with the highest availability. There are two independent nodes, each with it's own storage hardware that ensures the best possible data security and reliability in one location.



NOVARION Platinstore EX-3 | Enterprise Storage

Enterprise Storage Header

PlatinStor® EX-3/H100 expands existing storage hardware in a uniformly managed Enterprise HA storage with Load Redirection in case of failure, and gives a performance boost to the storage through the Cascade Cache Technology and Advanced Comprehensive Tiering.



NOVARION Platinstore EX-4 | Enterprise Storage

Enterprise HA/DT SAN

The PlatinStor EX-4 forms the base system for a comprehensive enterprise HA SAN environment with virtually unlimited storage capacity and far upward scalable I/O performance. Modular design provides a cost-effective and easy removal.



NOVARION Platinstore EX-5 | Enterprise Storage

All-in-One HA Cluster

The PlatinStor EX-5 enables a One-Box HA environment with SAN storage and clustered application servers, both highly available. Each side has a mirrored storage on the other side, as well as processing units for a plurality of application servers, which are overtaken in case of failure of the other side. Dedicated storage hardware for each side ensures maximum data security and allows for an extremely cost-effective private cloud.

Premium Cloud Supply

The PlatinStor EX-5 can be configured as a private cloud to provide all operationally relevant services from a HA Box autonomously. The embedding of public cloud services is supported.

Application Cluster

All grid nodes located in the storage can be active and written to simultaneously for one and the same virtual volume and ensure maximum availability, even in the event of failure of one side for SAN and NAS services.



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